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What is AMIT

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) is a revolutionary advancement in accelerating healing and increasing human performance naturally.  Certified AMIT doctors are trained to isolate specific muscles and muscle divisions for proper function.  Following an initial core muscle testing examination, the AMIT doctor will have a blueprint of the muscles that are functioning properly and the muscles that are not.  Muscles that are not functioning properly are termed aberrant.  Aberrant muscles do not respond to or stay turned on from exercise, massage, electric muscle stimulation, or other therapies.  Once aberrant muscles are identified, Advanced Muscle Integration Technique is used to restore the specific muscle or muscle division back to proper function within the neuro-muscular system, and the muscle will ‘hold’ or stay turned on. 

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As chiropractors in Gilbert we believe that everyone .deserves to find out if nerve disturbance is robbing them of energy, vitality & in short, LIFE. We have invested heavily in NASA Certified, state of the art equipment that can detect disturbance to the critical communication network of nerves. Our ability to deliver a precise adjustment to the upper neck area requires specialized x-ray equipment and training. Our patient's progress is based on outcomes driven assessments that show the amount of change & improvement in the way their body functions & not just how they feel. We expect to be your chiropractor for life by developing long-lasting relationships as we care for your whole family.

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