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After an accident, fall or injury, there are several things that Chiropractic care can do to help you get back on the mend.

PLEASE!  If you suspect there is a fracture, GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!  A Chiropractor will generally be able to find out quickly if you do, but if there is any chance you broke something, just go to the hospital and have them check you out before coming to the Chiropractor after your accident. 

DO NOT USE HEAT OR LAY ON A HEATING PAD!  - This may feel better at the time, but will ultimately cause MORE inflammation and discomfort – making your problems from the accident worse!

Use Ice – being careful not to apply ice or ice packs directly to your skin, apply ice through a moist towel for periods of 5 minutes on the location of pain.  Remove the ice after 5 minutes and leave the ice off for 50 minutes.  Repeat again after 50 minutes.  You can do this as often as needed.  This will help decrease swelling and inflammation in the area of damage.

Rest – get the rest you need, that’s when the body heals!  Don’t push yourself as you may cause more damage and feel worse tomorrow.

Schedule – Call and schedule a consultation.  The sooner you can come in for a consultation and evaluation, the sooner we can identify the exact cause of the spinal condition and help you heal from the accident.  We will perform spinal examinations, neurological tests and offer immediate recommendations to help you get back on track naturally.


By Dr. Keith Lavender 480-325-6977

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