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What is Advanced Muscle Integration Therapy, and How Can It Help Me?

When trauma, damage or overuse of a muscle or connective tissues occur, the nervous system acts much like a circuit breaker with two things are likely to result: The nervous system will deactivate or “shutdown” parts of the muscle system to prevent further damage and/or the muscle fibers tear.

There are many factors that contribute to a shutdown muscle. Falls, accidents, trauma, normal, day to day activity puts stress on the body and can create imbalances. Strenuous activity, athletics, daily recreation and nutritional habits also can contribute to muscles becoming inhibited.

The solution to activating these muscles that have been “shut off” is Advanced Muscle Integration Therapy (AMIT).   The goal of AMIT is to re-integrate inactivated muscles, balance the body and help you achieve your goal of maximum human performance. AMIT has been used for over 30 years exclusively on Olympic and professional athletes to correct acute and chronic conditions and to allow them to perform at peak levels – greater than they had considered possible. Professional athlete’s careers have been extended by integrating the AMIT Method for injury rehab and structural balance.

Once the initial muscle exam has been completed, Dr. Lavender has a blueprint of the past and present injuries. AMIT therapy includes stimulating 7 different reflex and tissue systems using his hands for each treated muscle. There is one neurovascular point, one neurolymphatic point, two organ reflex points, an acupressure point, and the origin and insertion of the muscle itself. Specific areas of the spine are also assessed that correspond to nervous system control of the muscle. After stimulating these points together, Dr. Lavender will retest the muscle to ensure the muscle has become strong.

Unless there is an injury or accident that occurs, an activated muscle should not need to be reactivated. Occasionally, a treated muscle may be found to not be holding.   If this occurs the Doctor will look at the organ, gland, or cranial bones in the body associated with that muscle and provide nutrient or supplemental support.

Advanced Muscle Integration Gilbert AZ 85234, 85207, 85214

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