Alzheimer's Treatment Gilbert AZ

Alzheimer's can be prevented and reversed in a high percentage of the cases.  Alzheimer's is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States behind Heart Disease and Cancer and the cases are rapidly rising at an alarming rate. It is a trillion dollar global health problem.  The research is showing only 5%  of Alzheimer's cases is caused by a genetic condition that causes early onset. The rest is caused by lifestyle factors that we have a great deal of control over. Many people don't seek help because they think there is nothing can be done. NOT TRUE, there is HOPE!

The research and protocol of Dr. Dale Bredesen, director of Neurodegenerative Disease research at UCLA School of Medicine, is showing Alzheimer's to be a protective response in the body to inflammation and toxins. It is not one cause but multiple metabolic and toxic issues within the body. In his work he is seeing the reversal of this devastating disease.

“There’s a tremendous amount you can do,” Bredesen says. “We recommend that everybody over the age of 45 get what we call a “cognoscopy” … It’s very simple. You’re going to look at these different things in your blood. You’re going to look at your genetics … Then get on the appropriate program for prevention. If you’ve already started to be symptomatic, get on an appropriate program for reversal. The earlier, the better.”

Alzheimer's Treatment Gilbert AZ

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