Anti Aging For The Brain

Improve your memory, reduce and reverse the effects of aging, and strengthen the brain.

Exercise, as this video illustrates, has a very positive affect on the brain, stimulating blood flow to the brain, increasing oxygen and aiding in the release of beneficial hormones. All of which helps to provide a nourishing environment for stimulating growth of new connections between cells.

Upper cervical chiropractic care is another positive influence on the brain, stimulating communication between the brain and the rest of the body.  The first vertebrae of the spine called the Atlas, is the gateway between the brain and the nervous system.  When the Atlas is out of proper alignment it can disrupt the communication pathway along the spinal cord to and from the brain and the body.  Information derived from x-rays enables an upper cervical doctor to see and mathematically calculate the coordinates to gently and precisely adjust the Atlas so it is properly aligned. This allows the body to function optimally, restoring or optimizing health naturally and safely.

Anti Aging For The Brain

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