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   Do You Suffer From Social Stress?

Social stress is stress that stems from your social relationships. 

Everyone experiences social stress, whether it’s nervousness in a job interview, difficulty interacting with strangers, or fear of public speaking.  The way your brain responds to stress can influence your body’s immune system in ways that can negatively affect your health and speeds up the aging process.

We are all social by nature and have a need to be accepted by our peer groups. When something disrupts that harmony, stress occurs and when it is chronic, illness and pre-mature aging.  So what can we do to change the effects of stress on our bodies? 

An anti aging technique and one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to combat stress is by using the MindFit Self Mastery Technology (SMT) Process.  MindFit uses sound and light technology to guide you to left/right brain balance and relaxed brainwave activity -- helping to reduce the negative effects of stress on your health.

What is MindFit and why does it help to combat stress and is a great anti aging tool?   It’s a series of more than 700 audio programs that you can listen to that provide the tools and messages your brain will use to help reduce and reverse the effects of stress to achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance, training the brain to operate in the best state for creativity, focus and mindfulness.

Some examples:

  • Difficult job interview?  The Life Mastery series is designed to give you the tools to be confident and successful. 

  • Test anxiety?  The Accelerated Learning Series provides sessions geared toward perfect memory and recall, problem solving and goal setting. 

  • Trouble interacting in social settings?  The Building Winning Relationships series teaches you ways to navigate through any social situation with ease and confidence. 

Don’t let social stress keep you from living your life with health and confidence. No matter what your situation is, MindFit offers a solution. 

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