Are Your Muscles Functioning Properly

     If you are struggling with completing your daily routine or regular exercise program -- either due to injuries, weak muscles or limited range of motion -- you may be experiencing what is known as aberrant muscles.  These muscles have been “shut down” by the central nervous system to prevent more damage to an injured area. 


To get your muscles functioning properly, call Foresight Chiropractic Wellness and Sports Center to learn more about Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, or AMIT.


The AMIT method is an advanced diagnostic and therapeutic approach to treating common joint and muscle issues that are common to active people. When muscles or connective tissues are strained or injured, the body will act much like a circuit breaker and “shut down” muscles to protect and reduce them from further injury. AMIT combines multiple healing disciplines into one method, allowing the practitioner to test and treat over 600 muscles for proper function.


Aberrant muscles can cause muscle pain, joint pain, limited range of motion, weakness, and imbalances. Once identified and treated, certified AMIT practitioners can restore full function within the neuromuscular system.


Are Your Muscles Functioning Properly?


To learn more about Advanced Muscle Integration Technique and to see if your issues may be caused from muscles not functioning properly, call 480-325-6977 to schedule a free consultation. Dr. Keith Lavender is a Board-Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist and Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique practitioner serving individuals, families, weekend warriors, and professional and student athletes for over 23 years. Call today and get your game back on!

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