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After a car accident, many passengers experience the pain of a whiplash injury. What many people don't realize is that these can occur even at speeds as low as 5 miles per hour. In addition to car accidents, they can also occur due to any force or blow to the head causing a sudden forward and backward movement that tears or strains the muscles and ligaments in the neck. Whiplash is more common that most people think and is often left either untreated or mistreated.

In most cases, the injury happens when a car is hit in the rear by another vehicle. The injury involves damage to the soft tissues and bony structures within the neck. Anxiety, depression, and fatigue are often associated with it.

Whiplash injuries may occur at a number of locations within the neck including the dorsal nerve roots, muscles, spinal cord, inter-vertebral disc ligaments, and the facet joint tissue. There is auto accident whiplash help.

According to a study done by the Istanbul, Turkey's School of Medicine at Koc University in 2014 'Biomechanics of Neck Injuries Resulting from Rear-End Vehicle Collision,' MRIs or X-rays aren't always effective at diagnosing whiplash. Neck pain and limitations in movement have the potential to be long term after a whiplash injury.

In the study, the researcher found that the acceleration of the car and the acceleration of the person were notably different. The person actually moved forward at a rate 2 to 2.5 times faster than the car accelerated. As the speeds increase, so does the severity of the injury.

Front seat passengers are at the greatest risk of sustaining whiplash. While head restraints can mitigate the extent of the injuries, it's almost impossible to avoid them completely when a rear-end impact occurs.

It's important to go to a chiropractor that specializes in upper cervical treatment as soon as possible after the injury, since the damage occurs instantly even though pain may not occur for a few days. Go immediately to the hospital if you fear you have broken something or sustained a fracture.

More inflammation occurs when you lay a heating pad or use heat to find comfort. Instead, apply an ice pack wrapped within a soft towel for five minutes each hour. Don't delay treating it and wait for the pain to start. Getting treatment with an early evaluation often makes the difference between chronic pain and a rapid recovery. Follow your chiropractor’s advice, even after the pain goes away since it can take 6 months for the injury to fully heal.

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