Back Pain Doctor in Gilbert AZ

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Chiropractors are frequently referred to as back pain doctors.  The same nerves that control your back also control your health and wellness--so do you have a back problem or do you have a “health problem”?

Subluxations (misalignments in the spine) cause body and mind miscommunication, malfunction and dis-ease. Your nervous system, comprised of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, controls EVERYTHING in your body and mind. When your nerve energy flows abundantly, without obstruction, your body and mind are 100% self-communicating, self-healing, self-regulating and robust.  When subluxations impede nerve flow, similar to static on your cell phone, you are no longer functioning at 100% and your health and vitality are compromised.

Subluxations are caused by our inability to handle life’s three major stressors; physical, emotional and chemical. If these subluxations are left uncorrected, a breakdown in health can occur. Sometimes that can show as a symptom like back pain and a back pain doctor can be your first thought for help. Back pain doctors or chiropractors are really your general health practitioner caring for your nervous system that controls EVERYTHING in your body!

Only chiropractors can determine if you have subluxations. Clearing and removing subluxations allows your body to heal itself on every level. Dr. Keith Lavender, a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor, specializes in gentle, precise chiropractic care for the entire family. Subluxations can begin at birth. To find out more, if your back pain is really a health problem, call Dr. Lavender at  480-325-6977 for a free consultation.

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