Best Chiropractic Care For Children

    Just like adults, children of all ages benefit from regular visits to an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor.  Good spinal health is critical for children’s growth and development, both mental and physical wellness.   

Children experience a myriad of trauma that can throw off their spinal alignment, adding stress to their central nervous system.   From their birth experience into childhood and adolescence, kids experience both physical and emotional stress early on in their lives from normal everyday life.  Chiropractic care is effective health care for children especially because their bodies are still growing.  Proper alignment of the spine is essential for a young body’s development and Chiropractors help to alleviate tense muscles and nervous system pressure.

Left untreated, misalignment of the spine can lead to chronic health conditions and physical issues. Regular chiropractic care can benefit children in these key areas:

1. Improved Sleep

Since chiropractic care works to release stress in the body, it can improve sleep. And quality sleep is an essential part of a child’s healthy growth, development and emotional wellbeing.

2. Immune System Support

Chiropractic care helps the body’s natural healing power, boosting a child’s immune system. With a stronger immune system, children get fewer illnesses and recover much more quickly when they do get sick.

3. Improved Behavior

Chiropractic care helps children improve their mood and attitude.

4. Nervous System Support

The benefits of removing the stress from the central nervous system are many. Chiropractors focus on checking that the spine is growing in the correct way.  Proper spinal alignment helps the body to function optimally and reduces and improves conditions such as bed-wetting, ear infections, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory and childhood health issues.

5. Brain Development

Chiropractic care can have a great effect on your child’s neural brain development.  Chiropractic assists in releasing pressure along the spine.  Increased blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid with upper cervical adjustments, promote better concentration and can improve focus and reduce hyperactivity.

Best Chiropractic Care For Children

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