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     Chiropractic Focus on Your Health Care, Not Disease Care

Since its inception over 100 years ago, chiropractic care has been the practice of “good health” care. Chiropractors believe that proactive, preventive care of the body -- along with smart lifestyle choices -- is vital to achieving optimal health.  This holistic approach has been endorsed by chiropractors long before it become recognized, and before evidence demonstrated that the drug and surgery model of "health care" is really "disease care.”

The basis of chiropractic is that interference or misalignment of the spine, affecting your nervous system that connects your brain to every organ and cell in your body has a detrimental effect on health.

This nervous system balance is so delicate and so important that the body has designed an elaborate set of protections for it.  Your skull is a protective vault that houses and protects the most sensitive systems of your body -- the eyes, the mouth, the ears and most importantly, the brain. The next most critical organ in your body, the spinal cord, is guarded by your spine  Your spine has 24 vertebrae, each one a unique bone, that serve as the axis of your musculoskeletal system, giving you the unique ability to walk upright.

From your brain, your spinal cord and the millions of nerves branching out from it are your body’s core.  The brain regulates the rest of your body through this delicate system of nerves protected by your spine.

Chiropractors provide precise adjustments that maintain the proper position of these spinal joints and your nervous system.  Chiropractic care detects and corrects the cause of interference, allowing your body to adapt and heal to the day to day rigors of activity.  Maintaining your spine and nervous system should be an integral component of a natural approach to health and wellness for everyone.

Being wellness-focused, chiropractors have been outspoken opponents of water fluoridation, food additives, and over-use of prescription drugs and invasive surgeries until more natural, non-invasive measures have been exhausted.   Chiropractors believe that it is best to find and correct the root cause of disease, rather than merely treat or cover up symptoms.

Chiropractors embrace the growing list of evidence that good health comes from a fully functioning nervous system.   This healthy lifestyles includes eating natural, nutrient rich food, drinking clean pure water, exercising properly, getting a good night of natural sleep, and practicing emotional and spiritual well-being.

Best Chiropractic Health Care Gilbert AZ 85234, 85207

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