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Interest in natural health and wellness topics has gained tremendous attention in the few years. More and more, health-conscious people are seeking non-invasive, natural ways to improve their health.  And receiving regular chiropractic care is vital to removing stress and pain from the body.

If you suffer aches and pains from a new injury, or an illness or a chronic issue that has decreased the quality of your life, you will definitely want to learn more about the benefits of Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractic care -- as explained in this video.

Atlas Orthogonal is a very specific and gentle chiropractic specialty. There is no heavy pushing on the body or twisting or cracking the neck. Gentle chiropractic adjustments are highly effective  without the need for heavy manipulation of the body. 

Atlas chiropractic treatments remove stress housed in the skull and spine from the central nervous system. When stress is removed from the nerves that control all other systems in the body, the body's own innate healing power is able to take on greater healing power. 

The history of treating the top bone of the spine, the Atlas or C1, began in the early 1900's. The founder of chiropractic, Dr. B.J. Palmer, discovered that the top bone in the spine controlled the position of the head and affected the positioning of the entire spine. Dr. Roy Sweat, founder of the Atlas Orthogonal procedure, was trained by Dr. Palmer and he invented and engineered the highly advanced instrument using a percussion wave to accurately re-position the Atlas bone with minimal force. This is done without pain or pressure. It is repeatable and precise to each individual.

Best Chiropractor Near Me Phoenix AZ

Dr. Keith Lavender, a Board-Certified Atlas Orthogonal specialist, has trained extensively with Dr. Sweat.   Dr. Lavender has provided exceptional care in the Gilbert area for the last 22 years, helping his patients restore and optimize their health. If you suffer from migraines, TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia, TBI, neck pain, back pain, vertigo, insomnia or other chronic conditions, or if you want to stay flexible and well while slowing down the aging process, call 480-325-6977 to schedule a free consultation. Take control of your health and live your best life without pain.  

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