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I love asking patients the question, "Who is the best doctor you know?".  They always look at me weird, hestiate and say, "Well you are!".  I then explain to them that I'm not the best doctor they know, but that THEY are the BEST doctor THEY know!

OUR BODY IS SELF-HEALING AND SELF-REGULATING!!!  DOCTORS DON"T HEAL - they can patch things ups, put things back together, remove interference to the healing process and then ultimately YOUR BODY DOES THE HEALING!  The best chiropractor in Gilbert, Arizona is the one that teaches you these concepts.  We believe we are the best Chiropractor in Gilbert, Arizona because we unleash the innate healing power of your body through a specific, upper cervical adjustment, without popping or cracking your spine!  

We believe everyone deserves to have their spine checked for interference to the nervous system.  We have invested heavily in the latest scientific, Space Foundation Approved equipment that allows us to find out if your health problem may be a result of inerference to the delicate nervous system.  We find that most patients who come to us have had EVERYTHING tested in their body EXCEPT their nervous system!  This is crazy to me as the nervous system controls ALL of your systems of your body - the heart, lungs, pancreas, gall bladder, ovaries, prostate, thyroid, immune system, etc...  -  YES - THE NERVOUS SYSTEM IS THE MAIN CONTROLLER OF YOUR BODY!!  If it doesn't work right, NOTHING else will ever have the ability to work right - no matter what nutritional supplements you consume or how much you exercise or how positive your thoughts are about healing!  

Call today to find out more about a spinal check-up and how you can start today to unleas the innate power of the best doctor you know today!


Yours in Health and Wellnes,


Dr. Keith Lavender

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