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The cause of many different diseases in the body is chronic inflammation. Doctors and scientists all over the world are learning that problems such as premature aging, chronic disease, and pain are all linked to inflammation.

At Stanford University, scientists have shown that their patients with heart disease, a global leading cause of death, have systemic inflammation caused by the choices they make in their lifestyle and are more predisposed to develop this problem. Studies reported in the Lancet Journal of Medicine show one reason people suffer strokes and heart attacks even when they have normal levels of cholesterol is an inflammation within the walls of their arteries.

This type of inflammation can remain without detection for many years, once it is triggered by lifestyle choices. It contributes to a general deterioration of the body leading to accelerated aging because it causes cells to die throughout the body.

When we get hurt, the natural process of inflammation is beneficial for us. For instance, it acts as a healing mechanism if you hurt your lower back or fall and sprain your ankle. It becomes bad for you when it persists throughout your body as a low grade inflammation. Many people have a type of chronic low grade inflammation within their bodies, according to research findings due to typical western lifestyle.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) states that at least seven diseases are due to this chronic inflammation. In fact, it is considered to be one of the 10 primary causes of mortality in the US. The seven diseased include diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, cancer, and heart disease.

Chronic inflammation was neither talked about nor understood until recently. However, the same conclusions have been drawn from thousands of new research studies: Cellular inflammation may either cause or increase aging and disease within the body. The good news is that these studies are shedding light on which lifestyle choices and foods cause inflammation so that we can better understand how to eliminate and/or reduce it.

Best Chronic Inflammation Treatment Gilbert AZ 85234, 85207

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