Best Knee Pain Relief

   Knee pain and injury are common complaints among athletes and can end a career or significantly hinder peak performance. 

Often, they can attribute their behind-the-knee pain to injury or disfunction of the popliteus muscle referred to as popliteus tendinitis or popliteus syndrome. This is the main muscle responsible for rotating the femur on the tibia when in a weight bearing position.   The popliteus muscle a big player in a healthy, functioning knee joint.

When that muscle is weak or injured, people commonly describe the condition as a “locking” or “unlocking” of the knee.  

In this video, Dr. Keith Lavender, Certified Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) practitioner, is testing a young gymnast to identify muscles that are not functioning properly and impacting her performance.  He has identified the popliteus muscle to be aberrant, or not working properly.  You can see she does not have the strength to resist any pressure.

Much like a circuit breaker prevents electrical damage in your home, the brain and nervous system act to “shut off” muscles to protect from further damage.  No amount of massage or exercise will strengthen the muscle until it has been “turned back on”. 

In the next video, you will see the results after Dr. Lavender has used AMIT therapy on our athlete.   

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Best Knee Pain Relief

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