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The Many Benefits of Therapeutic Massage


The body is amazing with its ability to self-heal and self-regulate – especially when we remove the stress and stressors of life that can contribute to as much as 90% of the chronic disease we see today.


The benefits of therapeutic massage have been known for thousands of years.   There is a wide variety of massage and body work techniques that are powerful and effective in reducing body and emotional stress. At Foresight Wellness Center in Gilbert, Arizona the chiropractic doctors work closely with their team of massage therapists to create individual treatment plans for patients. Relaxing the body, reducing stress, working out straining patterns, and breaking down fascia helps to improve overall health, especially when combined with other modalities found at the Wellness Center. Here are a few of the benefits of massage:


Counteracting the effects of sitting (the new smoking!)

The more we work from home, limit our physical activities and exercise, and enjoy the conveniences of modern life, the more sedentary our lifestyle becomes.  More computer and TV time coupled with less outside activities puts more stress on the body. Postural stress on the neck and the shoulders, along with weakness and pain in the low back and glute muscles, creates even more stress. 


Reducing chronic pain

Stress on the nervous system and muscular system can be the underlying cause of chronic pain. Bodywork that incorporates deep tissue massage of soft tissue, muscles and tendons helps to improve circulation, biochemical issues, and postural problems created from long periods of sitting and repetitive stress injuries.


Soothing depression and anxiety

Massage can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic, decreasing the levels of cortisol (the body’s natural stress hormone) and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels (neuro-chemicals that control feelings of happiness and well-being).


Best Massage Near Me


Additional services offered by Foresight Wellness Center to enhance therapeutic massage include: Atlas Orthogonal gentle upper cervical care by Board Certified doctors; BEMER vascular therapy; Low Level Cold Laser therapy; and Advanced Muscle Integration Technique.

To learn more and to schedule your complimentary consultation with the doctor, call 480-325-6977. Today, it is ever more important to focus on strengthening the immune system and reducing stress to create for yourself a true wellness lifestyle.  Let us join you and support you in creating a happier, healthier life so you can enjoy the activities and people you love. This exceptional team of Foresight doctors and staff have been caring for families for over 22 years. Check out the testimonials at

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