Best Sports Injury Treatment Gilbert, AZ

Sports injuries – even for regular guys and gals who work out, train and play -- can hamper and even end an active sports life or career. 

Dr. Craig Buhler has extended the careers and optimized the performance of the NBA Utah Jazz team for 26 years.  How did he manage to do this?

Through an integrated approach to health and wellness utilizing Chiropractic care, traditional medicine, acupuncture and other modalities and a special technique he established called AMIT.  

The foundation of AMIT (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique) is an advanced technique using Clinical Kinesiology developed by Dr. Alan Beardall and further developed by Dr. Buhler with the Utah Jazz. The results from this integrated approach including Chiropractic care were dramatic – a quick correction of acute injuries, elimination of long standing chronic conditions, improved athletic performance and reduced injury rate.

The best sports injury treatment Gilbert, AZ incorporates Atlas Orthogonal and AMIT, examining and identifying instabilities in the body which frequently lead to injuries. It has been discovered that many chronic joint and muscle pain is due inhibited muscles from overuse or injury. By defining and correcting the imbalances healing and rehabilitation can occur quickly with the use of drugs or surgery.

To find out more about the best sports therapy Gilbert, AZ call for a free consultation with Dr. Keith Lavender, board certified Atlas Orthogonist and AMIT practitioner. Call 480-325-6977 and eliminate and prevent injuries and chronic pain.

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