Best TMJ Pain Relief

Have you been plagued with pressure behind your eyes or neck pain and jaw pain?  If so, you may be experiencing TMJ disorder.

In this video, Landon shares his experience over 15 years of dealing with this problem.

TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, is found at the base of the skull. One of the most complex joints in the body, this joint allows movement of the mouth up and down and side to side. Typically, severe TMJ disorders can be difficult to treat. At Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center, the Board Certified Doctors have been successfully treating patients to reduce and eliminate the problem, often working together with dental specialists.

Jaw pain and limited range of motion in the jaw may be caused from nighttime grinding or clenching of the teeth, accidents or trauma, dental procedures, infections, or inflammation. The nerves that control the jaw pass through the Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2), the top two bones of the spine.

Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical chiropractors specialize in correcting spinal misalignment in the upper spine. Using a percussion instrument, they apply light pressure to the Atlas or C1 and restore balance to the body. Atlas adjustments are gentle, precise and painless. Unlike other chiropractic procedures, there is no twisting, cracking or popping involved.   

It’s never too early for a spinal checkup to eliminate health issues and as a proactive wellness practice. Prevent long-term chronic issues with early and regular spinal checkups. 

 Best TMJ Pain Relief 

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