Best Upper Cervical Chiropractor Near Me 85234

Is soda your beverage of choice? Do you know the amount of influence the Food and Soda Industry has on our health and that of our children? The influence they have to push their products in our schools all the way down to our youngest children is immense and disturbing. This is an interesting expose on the soda industry and their influence on our choices and the health of our community and the information hidden from the public. 

The policies of the food industry are very similar to the drug companies to manipulate the laws and influence the public to consume more and more of their products. Obesity and diabetes in America is at epidemic stages showing up earlier in our children. What can we do? People are beginning to wake up and take action to the corporate influences in their lives.  Best Upper Cervical Chiropractor Near Me 85234

An easy way to drastically improve your health is to trade out soda and fruit juices to water, or begin by reducing the SIZE of the drinks you do consume. Many of our kids do not drink any water at all and their health is critically being affected. 

Best Upper Cervical Chiropractor Near Me 85234

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