Blood Pressure Treatment Gilbert AZ 85234

   Can chiropractic care help lower blood pressure?  Numerous studies say yes, and they demonstrate the benefits of regular chiropractic care on overall health and wellness.

Chiropractic adjustments help to reduce stress on the body, which in turn helps the body naturally stabilize blood pressure.  Chiropractic care helps harmonize the body's systems by realigning the spine and removing pressure and congestion within the nervous system.  Improved nervous system functionality helps to decrease physiological stress and restore healing to the body. 

One study of 75 patients in 1988 focused on analyzing reports that chiropractic care could help stabilize blood pressure.  The double blind study had 3 groups.  One group of patients with elevated blood pressure received adjustments to the thoracic spine area.  The second test group received placebos (movements that seemed to be adjustments but were not).  A third group received no treatment at all. 

The study showed that patients in the group receiving thoracic spine adjustments experienced decreases in both systolic & diastolic blood pressure.  No change was shown in the control group or the placebo group.

Another controlled study performed at the University of Chicago suggests that a specific chiropractic adjustment to the upper cervical region can significantly lower high blood pressure. The medical doctors leading the study said the chiropractic procedure had a similar effect as two blood-pressure medications given in combination.  They also said the chiropractic care was adverse event free with no side effects and no problems.  The patients with early-stage high blood pressure who received chiropractic adjustments had significantly lower blood pressure (14 mm Hg drop in systolic / 8 mm Hg drop in diastolic) than the patients who underwent a placebo-like chiropractic adjustment. 

The results of these studies and others support the benefits of chiropractic adjustment of the thoracic region in significantly reducing blood pressure in patients with elevated blood pressure

It comes down to stress, and the way that chiropractic adjustments help reduce stress in the body, in the nervous system. When external stressors become too great, there is compromise in the spinal structure resulting in interference, loss of balance, and fight or flight within the nervous system.  Stress hormones impact inflammation, which can result in higher blood pressure for many individuals. Chiropractic adjustments remove interference and stress, and help restore harmony to the nervous system.

Blood Pressure Treatment Gilbert AZ 85234

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