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We all have friends or family suffering with Alzheimer’s or dementia, degrading the quality of their life and taking a toll on their family as well.

The brain, together with the nervous system is the master controller of the body. It sends and receives frequency signals that dictate the function of our body. When there is interference in this neurological loop, the brain will alter how it views what is going on in the body and is constantly adapting to the stress in our environment – Physical, Chemical and Emotional.   Neuroplasticity, the process of growth, is believed to underlie the brain’s capacity to control behavior, including learning and memory. Stress has a negative effect on the brain and body.

Dr. Roger Sperry, a Nobel Prize recipient states “90% of the stimulation to the brain is generated by the movement in the spine.” 

So how can we have a positive effect on brain health?

Chiropractic has been shown to enhance the sensorimotor integration of the brain and the body. Chiropractic boosts brain function and has a positive effect on neuroplasticity. Omega 3 fats, coconut oil, B vitamins, Vitamin D, and a good nutrient dense whole food diet. Exercise and sound sleep. Probiotics. Your gut is your “second brain” and your gut bacterium transmits information to the brain via the vagus nerve. The gut bacteria is very dependent on diet and lifestyle. BrainTapping to access a deep meditative state, relaxing the body, reducing stress and worry, exercising the brain and changing unwanted habits.

Brain Health 85234

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