Can Chiropractic help Sacroiliac joint pain? Gilbert, Az 85233, 85234, 85296

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Millions of Americans suffer from sacroiliac joint pain – that low back pain and stiffness that can extend through the buttock and thigh and tends to worsen with walking or movement. Causes can be from a traumatic injury or sudden impact such as a fall or auto accident that impacts the lower spine or hip area. It can also be caused from pregnancy as the hip area stretches to allow for childbirth.

Medical professions have long studied treatment options for sacroiliac joint dysfunction, located in the pelvis, trying to find the best treatment option for patients with pain related to the sacroiliac joint.

In a recent study comparing three treatment options (physical therapy, chiropractic therapy and corticosteroid injections), chiropractic care was found to be the most effective.   Efficacy of each method was based on whether the patients’ pain was relieved or worsened, and average pain scores described by the patients.

The study results showed that chiropractic therapy had a success rate of 72%, compared to only 20% for physical therapy and 50% for corticosteroid injections.   The study suggests that chiropractic care should be the first treatment choice for patients with pain related to the sacroiliac joint.

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Reference: Visser L, N Woudenberg et al.  Treatment of the sacroiliac joint; a randomized controlled study. European Spine Journal 2013

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