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     When patients come in to our Gilbert office after a car accident, one of the most confusing questions involves medical coverage for their care.  It may not be clear who is at fault in the car accident nor if the other driver, who may be at fault, even has insurance to cover your medical expenses.  When asked, most people do not know if they have Med Pay coverage or even know what it is. Knowing takes much of the anxiety away after an accident because Med Pay will cover the medical costs (up to specified limit) for yourself and those in your car regardless of fault.

Car insurance protects your car when you are in a car accident.  “Medical Payments to Others,” often referred to as Med Pay, covers medical expenses for yourself and anyone in your car regardless of who is at fault.  Med Pay is used to cover medical, dental or funeral expenses resulting from a car accident. It is an optional coverage -- highly recommended—purchased on each vehicle policy.   So, if you have two cars, Med Pay coverage on each car should be added.

Med Pay is NOT a replacement for health insurance. Many health insurance policies may cover your injuries sustained in a car accident, but it will not cover the other individuals in your car. Once your Med Pay coverage has been exhausted, your personal health coverage may kick in to cover the remaining portion of expenses.  You will not have a Med Pay card as you do with your health insurance.  After a car accident, you will open a claim with your auto insurance company and receive a claim number that medical providers may use to bill your expenses. In some cases, you may be asked to pay your medical bill at time of service and then submit to your auto insurance using the Med Pay claim number to receive reimbursement.

A major benefit of Med Pay is coverage for the passengers in your car. Your Med Pay coverage is per person involved in the accident, up to a specified amount.  Your liability insurance only covers those individuals in the other car. Talk to your insurance agent for all of the specific details.

If you are involved in a car accident -- don’t wait to get help! It only takes an impact at 5 mph to sustain a whiplash. There doesn't have to be damage to the car to injure the body.  For a free consultation and help with care after a car accident in Gilbert, call 480-325-6977 for the best auto injury chiropractor, Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center. The doctors are board certified Atlas Orthogonal, upper cervical specialists, providing precise and gentle care for over 15 years—no popping or cracking!


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