Carpal Tunnel Relief

Chronic numbness and tingling in your arms or hands and weakness in your grip can create difficultly in your job as it does for this patient in the video. Do you experience this and is the pain worse at night? Dr. Keith Lavender is using the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique to restore strength and reduce and eliminate the pain in her hands. 

When the nerves in the neck and upper back are stressed and not functioning properly, these symptoms may appear. Traditional medicine may recommend surgery to relieve the pressure of stress on these nerves. 

There ARE highly successful and non-invasive options available before turning to surgery!

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic and Advanced Muscle Integration Technique are used to align the spine, remove stress from the nerves, and re-activate muscles that are not functioning properly. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome may begin slowly and can affect one or both hands. Though it feels like the problem is all in the wrists, the nerves that go to the hands start in the cervical spine and go down the arms. Past neck injuries may have caused the problem or repetitive motion may have caused muscle to “shut down” to protect from further injury.

The brain and nervous system acts much like a circuit breaker in a house. When muscles are overloaded or trauma occurs, the central nervous system may “shut down” muscles or muscle groups to minimize strain or tears to protect the body.  Other muscles or muscle groups will take over to compensate.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique or AMIT is a revolutionary advancement in accelerating healing and increasing human performance naturally.

Carpal Tunnel Relief 

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