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Causes of Insomnia, Chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ 85234

Since posting on causes of insomnia, I’ve had lots of questions about why some of the things are on the list.  Here is a summary of my response:

Consuming ANY caffeine at ANY time throughout the day.  Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant – in a word, it is SPEED.  The effects of a soft drink or coffee in the morning will last for 24 hours whether you ‘feel’ it or not.  If I have anything with caffeine in the morning, even a little bit, I will be up late and will feel like my brain just won’t ‘shut off’ when I try to sleep.  Be aware of this stimulant and if you are ready to quit, do it slowly over time.

Electronic equipment with noises and light (flashing or steady) can be distracting and cause insomnia.  Turn all electronic equipment off in the room you sleep in and keep it nice and dark.  Our brain is finely tuned to perceiving light and light is a strong promoter of wakefulness. 

Emotional stress tends to keep our minds spinning as we lay down at night trying to figure out solutions to our problems.  A good way to avoid the restlessness that comes as a result is to write down you feelings and thoughts of the day – journaling.  Don’t be critical of what you write, just get it out on paper and when you are done take a moment and be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life.

The last bullet point – spinal subluxations may seem odd.  I have found that many clients sleep better when their spine is moving properly, or as we like to say in our office, “our head is on straight”.  A misaligned spine will make it hard to find a comfortable spot to fall asleep in and will also cause stress to the nervous system just like caffeine would do.

By Dr. Keith Lavender 480-325-6977

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