Chiropractic Reduces Stress on the Body Gilbert AZ 85234

Today's environment demand a lot of our time and attention and is increasingly complex. High stress levels weaken the natural defense mechanisms of the body. Stress hormones and signals are being released throughout it. At Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center, the doctors work with their patients to help them understand how stress--physical, chemical and emotional--when left un-managed, may lead to poor health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Your body's natural reaction is fight or flight state whenever you feel stressed or threatened and it affects every part of the body. The hypothalamus, which is located in the brain, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system increasing the heart rate, raising blood volume and  blood pressure.  Eyesight becomes more focused, blood flow is directed away from the digestive system and extremities. These stress levels can be brought on by something imaginary or a problem that is all too real. When emotional, physical, and chemical levels of stress are accumulated over a period of time, the result can be disastrous for our health creating chronic illnesses and pain. 

Typical Stress Symptoms –

* Feelings of being overwhelmed, periods of moodiness, frustration, and agitation

* Difficulty achieving internal peace and relaxation, anxiety, depression, insomnia

* Feeling depressed, lonely, and bad about yourself, persistent feelings of pessimism

* Low energy levels, disorganized thoughts and forgetfulness, lack of focus

 * Headaches, frequent infections and colds

 What To Do!

Your body uses the nervous system to communicate throughout the entire body, controlling all of the organ systems. Regular chiropractic adjustments reduce stress levels by clearing the nervous system and allowing the body time to repair itself naturally. While you will always have some level of stress, you can give your body the help it needs to rest and repair while working to reduce the causes by identifying the source of your stresses.

Strategies for stress management include:

* Regular chiropractic check ups

* Exercising at least thirty minutes a day

* Eating a diet filled with fresh foods including vegetables and fruits and less processed foods and grains

* Practicing yoga, deep breathing, meditation, and other relaxation techniques

* Obtaining seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep each day

* Enjoying a rich social life with friends and family

Chiropractic Reduces Stress on the Body Gilbert AZ 85234

Your immune system is deeply affected by your stress levels. Find out more by calling 480-525-7841 and schedule a free consultation with one of the board certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors or reserve your space in one of the free weekly wellness workshops. Foresight Chiropractic is the premiere Wellness Center in the East Valley, serving families for over 16 years providing precise and gentle care – no popping or cracking!

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