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Chiropractor Relieves Depression

Many people have feelings of being overwhelmed and depressed and do not know what to do about it or even know that there are subtle scientific causes of depression that can be addressed naturally without the side effects of serious brain and mood altering chemicals.

If you or someone you know is suffering from signs of depression, please begin now implementing these activities into a healthier lifestyle:

Essential Fatty Acids – Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA/DHA are used by the body to synthesize lots of essential chemicals, including natural antidepressants.

Nutrition – Consume at total of ten fresh fruits and vegetables a day.

Physical activity – research has shown that walking only 30 minutes a day is better than taking an antidepressant.  It is even better than taking an antidepressant and walking combined!

Positive affirmations – write down ten sentences that affirm your worth and importance.  Read these sentences out loud with enthusiasm and emotion at least three times a day.

Get an attitude check-up – have your spine checked for proper movement.  Research has shown that there is more tissue in your spinal cord that provides us with a sense of wellbeing than there is in the brain!  Lack of proper spinal movement lowers our sense of wellbeing.

When making lifestyle changes, remember that getting better is a process not an event.  It takes time and determination to add these natural lifestyle changes into your life to get natural relief from depression.  If you haven’t had a recent spine check-up, give us a call and schedule one today. 480-325-6977

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