Chiropractor Teaches about Osteoporosis in Gilbert Arizona 85233,85234,85295,85296

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Contrary to popular belief, milk does not make a body strong!  Biologically, bone remodels, strengthens or weakens depending on force placed upon it, a concept known as Wolff’s Law. 

“The results from a National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment indicated that people who regularly exercised had a significantly reduced risk of developing osteoporosis.  Hip fractures are associated with a 20% increase in overall mortality, with the health costs necessary to manage fractures in the United States exceeding $13.8 billion alone in 1995.  Obviously, the aging of the US population means that these costs will increase.” – Booth et al. Wagin war on physical inactivity: using modern molecular ammunition against an ancient enemy J Appl Physiol 93:3-30, 2002

What does medicine do for bone density loss?  Drugs, calcium and vitamin D.  Does this place any load on the bones so that the bone gets stressed enough to begin creating more bone?  NO, of course not!  It is ridiculous to think that drug-induced, artificial, random application of calcium, vitamin D or drugs to the outside of a bone is in any way going to generate increased bone strength and integrity!  The only thing this accomplishes is a better score on a bone density test just like the only thing blood pressure and cholesterol meds do is improve a score that is meaningless in terms of health an homeostasis and quality and quantity of life.  All the test scores do is justify a drug prescription.” – quoted from Dr. James L. Chestnut’s book, Innate Physical FitnessTM & Spinal Hygiene, Page 71.

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 Chiropractor Teaches about Osteoporosis in Gilbert Arizona 85233,85234,85295,85296



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