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       Enhance your health, your mood and your brain power with simple body weight exercises demonstrated by one of Dr. Mercola's personal trainers.  These can be done at home, in a hotel room or at work with little to no cost. Foresight Chiropractic, a chiropractor in Gilbert, AZ shares a US News and World Reports that talks about 5 incredible health benefits of exercise:

1.  We all know stress is a killer. One BIG benefit of exercise is to reverse the detrimental effects of stress. It boosts soothing brain chemicals such as serotonin and may also work at a cellular level, reversing the effects of aging.

2.  Lifts your mood!  Studies have shown exercise to be as effective as  or more than antidepressant drugs in mild cases -- with no negative side effects.

3.  Enhances learning. Get stuck on a problem? Get up and move or run around. Chemicals called growth factors are released in the brain that help make new brain cells.

4.   Seeing fitness improvements in running time or weights for example help to boost self-esteem and body images.

5.  Interval training can leave you feeling euphoric. Try doing high intensity running, swimming or biking for 30 or 40 seconds followed by a slower pace workout for a few minutes and repeat for 6 to 8 intervals.

Schedule time and find ways with your everyday schedule to add activities to whatever you are doing--stretching while you wait, balancing on one foot while you brush your teeth, park farther away, take the stairs. Foresight Chiropractor in Gilbert AZ recommends daily exercise along with regular spinal checkups. It is our mission to help our patients maximize their potential. Drs. Lavender and Jarman are board certified in Atlas Orthogonal, a gentle, precise upper cervical care--no popping or cracking! For a free consultation call 480-325-6977. Don't wait; your health is your greatest asset and remember to get your children checked!


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