Concussion Recovery Gilbert AZ

The beginning of another school year means not only school studies, but also participation in sports.  And sports can bring the possibility of concussions.

Concussions in children can lead to a lifetime of struggles and health issues if not diagnosed and treated properly. Many concussions are sports related, but children can also suffer concussions from falls or abuse. Since a younger child’s brain is not fully developed, they are more susceptible to concussion than adults.   

Nearly 500,000 children visit the emergency room for head injuries each year.  The majority of these visits are mild concussions and are not life threatening, but even mild concussions can have ongoing issues, especially if there have been multiple traumas.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that can change the overall way that your brain functions. Children generally bounce back quickly after head injuries. Their brain is able to reorganize and create new connections with rest, reduced activities and chiropractic care that re-aligns the spine. Concussion Recovery Gilbert AZ 

There are two of types of concussions. The first is an Impact Concussion, where an individual has had a direct hit to the head. This can happen with a traumatic blow, bump or even a jolt to the head.  

The other is called an Impulse Concussion. This is a hit to the hip or back that causes a forceful whipping motion of the head with the brain slamming into the skull.  The person who has been injured does not have to lose consciousness to sustain a concussion.

If you or your child has a trauma to the head or to the body, monitor the child to ensure there are no changes in thinking, behavior or physical performance. This may indicate a call for help from a professional health care provider to make sure proper evaluation and monitoring is done. Most people who have experienced a concussion have a full, quick recovery. However, there are other people that will have signs or symptoms that will go on for days, weeks or years. Long-term effects are often publicized with professional football players.

Some of the signs to watch for include the appearance of being confused, dazed or even stunned. People who have a concussion will often move in a clumsy manner, answer questions slowly, forget instructions, go through changes in behavior and/or mood, and even lose consciousness from time to time. All of these things after any sort of injury should be monitored carefully to be sure that there is no further damage that takes place. There can also be complaints of a headache, pressure in the head, vomiting or nausea. It may also lead to double vision, being sensitive to noise and light or losing balance. Some of the more common signs of a concussion will be lethargy, feeling sluggish and headaches with temporary memory loss. Concussion Recovery Gilbert AZ 

Concussions can take place whenever there is some sort of blow to the body, neck or the head. This is a traumatic blow that can cause symptoms of whiplash or injury to the neck. The term whiplash is widely used for anyone who has gone through a strain/sprain of tendons, muscles and ligaments inside the neck. This sort of injury will be likely to lead to a loss of regular function in the spine. If you are not able to be treated properly after an evaluation, the injuries can lead to devastating and lifelong effects.

If you or someone that you know has been suspected as having a concussion, it is important to be seen by a professional right away. Safety should always be top priority, and the evaluation by a professional is imperative.  Visit a chiropractor that specializes in upper cervical care, such as an Atlas Orthogonal doctor.

Concussion Recovery Gilbert AZ 

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