Concussion Treatment Phoenix AZ

Any impact sport can cause head injuries and concussions.   Left untreated, a lifetime of health issues are almost certain and this is one of the greatest growing concerns in our country today. Common symptoms seen are:

Memory Loss  --  Headaches  -- Migraines  --  Dizziness  --  Fogginess  --- Anxiety --  Anger --  Nausea  --  Neck and Back Pain

The damage done to the brain is often not seen on MRIs and CT imaging, allowing people to think they have escaped the harm to the brain. Symptoms may not surface immediately or the symptoms may not be recognized until they have become severe or a combination of the symptoms are seen. And when they do begin to occur, the individual or parents are wondering what is going on and may not connect the symptoms to the injury. A concussion can occur any time the head is whipped around violently from direct impact to the head or the body that causes the head to be bounced back and forth abruptly. As a result of the violent movement of the brain against the skull, the twisting and pressure inside the middle of the brain increases, especially along the brain stem which receives a great deal of the damage. This part of the brain regulates eye function, balance and knowing where one is in space, and stomach and gut function. 

Concussion Treatment Phoenix AZ

It is critical for anyone playing sports or who have been involved in an auto accident, to be checked out by a chiropractor, particularly an upper cervical specialist. At Foresight Chiropractic, the Doctors are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist treating professional athletes and children active in sports and others who have been injured and sustained a head trauma with very gentle and precise care--no popping or cracking. Call 480-525-7841 today to schedule a free consultation at the valley's premier Wellness Center. Don't wait for the symptoms to become severe, devastating your life. Call 480-525-7841 today.


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