Constipation Remedies for Children at Chiropractic in Gilbert, AZ 85233, 85234, 85296

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The birth process, C-section and vaginal deliveries, places a great deal of stress and trauma on a baby’s spine along with all the falls children take, learning to walk, ride a bike and sports.  The nervous system, which controls every organ, cell and gland in the body, is protected within the spine and trauma, even minor falls and injuries, can cause misalignments of the vertebrae.  Misalignments cause nerve interference, a chiropractor’s specialty and great constipation remedy!

Chiropractors help by checking for and removing misalignment of the spine, removing nerve interference, that may be the cause of constipation or your baby not being able to “poop” normally. It is normal for a child to have a bowl movement after eating.

Dr. Lavender is a family doctor caring for newborn babies, toddlers, teens, adults and seniors. It is never too early or too late to get a spinal checkup. As an Atlas Orthogonal Board Certified Specialist, Dr. Lavender’s adjustments are very gentle. Contact Dr. Lavender or come to one of his free Tuesday evening health workshops to learn more. 

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