Correct Muscle Imbalances

   Many of us struggle with muscle and joint pain, and the inability to excel at the activities we strive to perfect.  What can we do to alleviate pain and injuries, extend our athletic careers, or just enjoy our daily activities?

The answer may lie with a unique and revolutionary sports medicine technique developed by Dr. Craig Buhler when he was the Doctor to the Utah Jazz basketball team.  The technique is called Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) – and it helps accelerate healing, reduce or eliminate chronic pain, and maximize body function and performance. 

The developers of the AMIT system discovered that the leading cause of pain is inhibited muscles resulting from overuse or injury.  Although the pain of the injury may go away over time, the functional imbalance remains. Eventually, these functional imbalances lead to chronic pain. By defining and correcting these imbalances, healing and rehabilitation can take place rapidly without the need for drugs or surgery.

AMIT practitioners examine over 700 muscles and test for proper functioning.  They specifically identify inhibited muscles and define body and joint movement patterns that are not stable and lead to injury and reduced performance.

Once inhibited muscles are identified, AMIT treatment consists of stimulating seven specific reflex points and then adjusting specific points on the spine.  After stimulating these points, the AMIT practitioner will re-test the muscles to determine that they have been re-activated and are strong.

Correct Muscle Imbalances

Dr. Keith Lavender, DC in Gilbert, Arizona is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist and Certified Advanced Muscle Integrated Technique (AMIT) practitioner.  For more information to find out how you can reduce muscle and joint pain, enhance performance and to schedule a free consultation to see if AMIT could help you, call 480-325-6977 today. 


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