DNA Testing

Save the Date Thursday, September 24th at 6:15 p.m. Call 480-325-6977 now to reserve your space and learn how the data from DNA testing can make a difference in your health!!

Learn about the underlying genetic variants that may contribute to addictive behaviors, ADD, ADHD, autism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, mood swings and many more through DNA testing. 

The data from DNA testing is very helpful in treating chronically ill, anxious, or depressed people because specially trained doctors are able to create nutritional plans affecting changes on methylation and detoxification pathways making positive health changes in the body.  Methylation happens in all of the cells in our body, distributing methyl groups to as many as 50 or more other chemical processes in the body and you cannot be vibrantly healthy if methylation isn't running smoothly in your body. Methylation depends on a number of vitamins and cofactors that must be present for adequate functioning -- those include folate and vitamin B12.  Genetic testing is one of the most beneficial tests you can have to not only help with current issues but to help prevent devastating diseases like Parkinson's disease, heart disease, and cancer by improving detoxification and immune function in the body. The information obtained from genetic testing can be used to design specific nutritional plans for patients. Each person's genetic makeup must be taken into consideration to optimize the methylation and detoxification pathways. 

Attend a FREE community workshop presented by Dr. Keith Lavender to learn more about cutting edge nutritional genomic treatment that is changing lives with specific nutritional supplementation. Dr. Yasko, a pioneer in methylation, says "A combination of genetic weaknesses, metal toxicities, infections and other factors can lead to a negative cascade of neurological events."  Reserve your space today to learn more! Call 480-325-6977.



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