Dangers of Opiates

There is a national epidemic happening today, and most doctors are ignoring it and even contributing to it. In 2015, almost 20,000 people died of accidental overdose of opioid pain killers in the United States alone. There were more deaths caused by these prescription drugs than the total of all illicit drug deaths (i.e. meth, cocaine and heroin).

If you have been prescribed an opioid pain killer such as Percocet, Vicodin or Oxycodon, there are some critical facts you need to know.  You are at a greater risk of suffering accidental overdose resulting in death more than ever before. The fact is, these drugs kill more people than car wrecks.

You need only look at the most recent studies reviewed in the Annals of Internal Medicine to realize just how serious this problem is.

Researchers have found that patients using opioid drugs continue to receive and use these drugs even after they have suffered an overdose. In fact, this is the case over ninety percent of the time. A patient may end up in the emergency room after overdosing on one of these drugs and then continue to have that same drug prescribed.

Opioid pain killers are highly addictive. In fact, they are the most addictive prescriptions drugs you can get. Nonetheless, they are prescribed quite readily. The longer a person is taking the pain medication, the more tolerance level they build up to the medication. To find relief, the medication is increased. 

You may think that these patients must switch doctors to get a doctor who is unaware of the situation--not the case. The patient simply requests a refill from the original prescribing doctor and gets more pain killers. This is true even after a near-fatal accidental overdose.

If you suffer from chronic pain, you may find it difficult to believe that it can be managed by any method other than use of powerful prescription drugs.  In reality, even severe pain can be managed by consistent, patient care under the supervision of a chiropractor. There are many effective natural pain management options available that are more natural, non-invasive and not life-threatening.

Chiropractic care is a well-known and well-established pain management and healing alternative to drugs. People suffering from injury or the pain of chronic illness have turned to chiropractors for relief for many decades. Chiropractic care has been scientifically proven to be helpful. Not only can you look forward to relief from pain when you seek the assistance of a chiropractor, you do not have to fear that you will end up having your stomach pumped in the emergency room - or worse! 

Dangers of Opiates

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