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Do I have a Slipped Disc?


This is a common question I often receive from patients in my practice.  The vertebral discs are made of fibrous cartilage that actually grows into the vertebrae on both sides.  Discs cannot ‘slip’ as they are very securely attached to the vertebrae.  Discs can however dry out, become thin, bulge, become torn and the jelly-like material that is in the center of the disc can escape through these tears and cause severe irritation to the structures in the spinal canal. 


Another question I receive besides “do I have a slipped disc?” is, “have a I ever worked on someone with a slipped disc?”  The answer is yes.  In fact Chiropractic care is a necessity for anyone who has disc disease.  Disc disease occurs as a result of prior trauma to a vertebral joint or from long-standing lack of proper motion at a spinal joint.  Changes in vertebral motion that are not corrected over time will cause a disc to degenerate and lose stability. 


We all have heard the saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.”  This applies to motion of the spinal column. A lack of proper motion in the joints of the spine will cause the disc to become thin, dehydrated and more susceptible to damage.  A comprehensive spinal evaluation by a Doctor of Chiropractic will allow you to get the information you need to care for your spine now before problems progress and get worse. 


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By Doctor Keith Lavender

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