Ear Infection Remedies for Children Gilbert AZ 85234, 85233, 85214

Ear infections, or Otitis media (OM), are often a part of childhood illnesses and have spurred many trips to the pediatrician. Because the most common treatment for this prevalent ailment is a prescription for antibiotics, there has been an associated increase with the number of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics over the past several years. For this reason, recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatricians discourage the use of antibiotics for children suffering from a minor ear infection.

These guidelines recommend patients be closely observed and a follow up visit scheduled to determine if additional treatment is needed, especially for children under the age of two.  The lead officer of the guidelines published in 2013 believes that following up with children who have earaches, after close observation, will significantly decrease the level of antibiotic use and will ensure more accurate diagnosis.

A case study of a 21 month old child who suffered from RSV, a respiratory infection and a middle ear infection was recently published. That article illustrated how chiropractic care was effectively used to treat these problems.  Because there was no re-occurrence of the middle ear infection, the mother stopped using the antibiotics that had been prescribed for her child for future infections.

In the past, the child in the study experienced ear infections at least two times per month and had been subject to them for 18 months prior. Since the initial treatments ended, the child has had no further problems with ear infections and goes in for regular wellness checkups.

Ear Infection Remedies for Children Gilbert AZ 85234, 85233, 85214

Using conservative natural chiropractic adjustments, we see many of our young patients improve. Because there are no side effects associated with chiropractic care as there are with antibiotics, this is a great way to give their bodies the time to heal safely and naturally. Dr. Lavender and Dr. Jarman are both board certified Atlas Orthogonists providing very gentle and precise care to expectant mothers, infants and their families for over 15 years--no popping and cracking!  Parents don’t have to worry about the potential risks that painkillers or antibiotics may have on their child. For the best health team for your family, Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center offers natural, drug-free relief to that is comfortable and healthy for the entire family.  For pregnancy help and care for your newborn,toddlers, teenagers and adults, call 480-525-7841 to schedule your free consultation today and improve your health and that of your family. 

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