Ear Infection Treatment Gilbert AZ 85234, 85207, 85233

    Any sort of ear problem, especially with a child, can be extremely painful. There are millions of cases each year where a patient will present the symptoms of otitis media, or an ear infection.  This happens to be the most common illness that will impact both babies and young children, being the top reason for pediatric visits account for 35% of all visits.

Looking at statistics, roughly half of all children will develop at least one infection of their middle ear prior to reaching age one. Two thirds of these children will have an infection of their ear by the age of three. The symptoms that can come along with an ear infection will usually include pain in the ear, fever and a good amount of irritability. The ear infection can either be viral or bacterial and normally results from some sort of other illness, such as a cold. For a lot of children, ear infections can turn into a chronic issue that will require treatment each ear. Unfortunately, repeated infections in the ear can lead to permanent hearing damage along with speech and certain developmental issues.

The standard treatment for such an infection will usually be antibiotics. However, there are some cases that have proven with research studies that antibiotics may not be more effective than the natural immune system in the body. Repeated doses of antibiotics could lead to a resistance that will leave the bacteria to cause more pain and illness in the child. 

If there is a severe case of ear infections for a child over a period of time, there could be a call to have surgery done where ear tubes are put into place.  A general anesthesia is required and a small opening is made in each ear drum and the tube is then placed inside so that the pressure can be relieved while stopping the fluid buildup. With many cases, the membrane will begin to push the tube out over time and the hole that is within the ear drum will close back up. Some patients may need to go back and have the surgery done again in the future if the problems start to arise once again. Depending on how the patient is doing without the tubes, a decision may be made to remove the adenoids to help stop further ear infections from developing.

Before trying yet another round of antibiotics that might work and might not -- a natural, less invasive and effective treatment for earaches and other childhood illnesses is available! To avoid antibiotics and their negative side effects and also as a preventative measure, many families are turning to Chiropractic. Chiropractic mobilizes drainage in the ear in children allowing the body’s own immune system to clear any infection and prevent future infections.

Ear Infection Treatment Gilbert AZ 85234, 85207, 85233

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