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Guidelines for ear infections in children released in February of 2013 from the American Academy of Pediatrics encourage observation with close follow-up instead of antibiotic treatment for many children suffering ear infections, including some under the age of 2 years.

"Between a more accurate diagnosis and the use of observation, we think we can greatly decrease the use of antibiotics," said the lead author of the new guidelines.

Clearly the emphasis is on an accurate diagnosis of ear infections in children (acute otitis media) – and conservative “watch and see” treatments.

A recently published case study of a 21 month old child with middle ear infections and RSV demonstrated the effective use of chiropractic care:

The patient received low-force, high-velocity chiropractic adjustments as needed, three times a week for three months.  After the first month of Foresight chiropractic care, the child’s mother reported that she discontinued the use of oral antibiotics because there was no recurrence of OM (middle ear infection).   This was an improvement as it previously occurred twice monthly for the last year-and-a-half.  The patient has since remained symptom free and continues to get her spine checked weekly as a wellness patient. Francesca M. Marino, B.S., D.C. & Awais Butt, D.C.

We see many ear infections in children whose symptoms improve dramatically with conservative natural chiropractic adjustments.  The best part is there are no toxic side effects as there are with antibiotic treatment while allowing the body time to heal and repair itself, naturally.

If you or someone you know has a child suffering with a possible ear infection, give our office a call for a consultation with Dr. Keith Lavender.

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