Effective Treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome

Effective Concussion Treatment Includes Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical care

The harmful effects of head trauma experienced by children, athletes, weekend warriors and accident victims need to be better understood by health professionals and individuals.  Unfortunately, concussions and head injuries are often treated as a mild brain trauma, but increasingly the evidence shows that any brain injury is cause for concern and requires proper medical treatment. 

Most people recover from the effects of a concussion within 7 to 10 days.  However, about 15% of patients experience severe concussion symptoms beyond 30 days.   When symptoms persist, a diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome – or PCS – is made. 

The symptoms of PCS may include:

·         Headache and migraine

·         Vertigo or loss of balance

·         Brain fog and difficulty with concentration

·         Memory dysfunction

·         Fatigue

Research is showing that the brain is not the only part of the body injured during a concussion.   Damage to the neck and spine also occurs during a head injury, and this is a major factor causing ongoing PSC symptoms.  While concussions occur after a 60g force to the head, it takes less that 10g of force to damage ligaments in the neck.   Therefore, concussions will almost always have an associated injury to the neck.

When a head injury occurs, the joints, ligaments and muscles of the upper neck are damaged, leading to abnormal biomechanics of the upper cervical spine.  PCS symptoms such as pain, headaches, balance problems and brain fog can stem directly from misalignments of the neck and spine. 

Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists, provide gentle, precise adjustments that specifically aid in the reduction and elimination of PCS symptoms by getting to the core of the issue.   Chiropractors that specialize in the alignment of the atlas and upper spine are helping patients with head injuries experience significant improvement within weeks. Injuries and upper cervical misalignments left untreated can result in long-term chronic health issues.

Effective Treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome

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