Emergency Chiropractic Care, Gilbert, Az 85233, 85234, 85295,85296

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Emergency Chiropractic Care

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning in severe spinal pain, unable to move, care for your family or even go to work.  Emergencies like this luckily don’t happen very often but when they do we want help NOW!  Some of the key things you could do right away to help yourself in a chiropractic emergency are:

If this is a life-threatening emergency then chiropractic is not your best course of action now – CALL 911, get to the emergency room or urgent care as soon as possible!

DO NOT USE HEAT OR LAY ON A HEATING PAD!  - This may feel better at the time, but will ultimately cause MORE inflammation and discomfort – making your emergency chiropractic problem worse!

Use Ice – being careful not to apply ice or ice packs directly to your skin, apply ice through a moist towel for periods of 5 minutes on the location of pain.  Remove the ice after 5 minutes and leave the ice off for 50 minutes.  Repeat again after 50 minutes.  You can do this as often as needed.  This will help decrease swelling and inflammation in the area of damage.

Move – One of the worst things I see are when people are in severe pain from a chiropractic emergency such as a lower back or neck problem is that they just lay still and don’t move.  80% of the time moving is beneficial for chiropractic emergency patients.  Try moving, if it is doesn’t make things worse then continue to move.  Some chiropractic emergencies involving the lower back require lying flat, if that is the case for you then that is o.k.

Schedule – Call and schedule a consultation.  The sooner you can come in for a consultation and evaluation, the sooner we can identify the exact cause of the spinal condition that is causing your emergency situation.  We will perform spinal examinations, neurological tests and offer immediate recommendations to help you get back on track naturally.

Emergency Chiropractic Care, Gilbert, Az 85233, 85234, 85295,85296

By Dr. Keith Lavender 480-325-6977


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