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Exercise and Weight Loss, Gilbert, AZ.


Many people ask me what type of exercise they should do to lose weight.  A quick search on the internet will reveal research that actually claims that exercise does not help you lose weight.  This may be a true statement based on the question the researchers were trying to answer.  There are so many conflicting articles out there that it is no wonder so many people get frustrated and quit or just keep doing the same old thing and getting the same old results which probably didn’t work before!

The Innate Physical FitnessTM Exercise Protocols we teach at Foresight Chiropractic are based on science.  The science is based around the answer to this question:  What exercise and energy expenditure patterns are essential and genetically congruent to create a healthy human being?  Notice we are not asking a question that limits us – What do I need to do to lose weight.  We are asking a positive question, what exercise patterns do I need as a human being to live a healthier, longer life?  The question is Everything!


Dr. Keith Lavender

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