Food Labels Made Easy

In this video, Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Steven Gundrey helps to demystify food labels. Are the labels that read "All Natural" or "Organic" or "Free Range" the best option? Are they healthy? Food Labels can be misleading and what you think is healthy may be just the opposite.

Truly healthy foods often has the least amount of marketing dollars to advertise or make fancy, enticing packaging.  Foods can be labeled with Whole Grains or Omega -3 Fats, multiple kinds of sugar to make it look like less sugar, and a serving size being a third of the bar or drink. For a complete list of typical and misleading labels see: .

Eat whole vegetables and fruit, USDA certified organic if possible, to ensure you are getting nutritious foods without unhealthy additives. Avoid fast foods and packaged process foods as much as possible.

Having a healthy lifestyle can seem daunting and it really comes down to mindset – choosing to eat real, minimally processed foods. Having a wellness team to guide and support gives you added benefit and investing in a healthy lifestyle including regular chiropractic care is the best insurance and investment you can make.

Food Labels Made Easy

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