Gentle Chiropractic Near Me

Are aches and pains or chronic illnesses a common occurrence for you?


Today, more than ever, people are aware of the importance of boosting their health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Have you ever considered Chiropractic care? Afraid of the idea of heavy pushing on the body or cracking of the neck.  Not to worry, there is an advanced and specific chiropractic technique that effectively promotes good health.


This very precise and gentle form of chiropractic is scientifically designed to balance the anatomical structure of the body without cracking, popping and hard manipulation of the body. In fact, the body responds better to less pressure.


It’s called Atlas Orthogonal, and it is proven to be very effective for eliminating or reducing neck and back pains, helping the body heal, restore and balance, and boosting one’s overall health and immune system.


Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic treatments remove stress from the nervous system by gently aligning the spine.  


The history of treating the Atlas, the top bone of the spine, began in the early 1900’s.   The founder of chiropractic, Dr. B.J. Palmer, discovered that the top bone in the spine – known as the C1 or the Atlas -- controlled the position of the head and affected the positioning of the entire spine.


Dr. Roy Sweat, the founder of the Atlas Orthogonal procedure, was trained by Dr. Palmer.  Dr. Sweat’s extensive research found that minimal force was necessary to correct the position of the Atlas.  He invented and engineered a highly advanced instrument using a percussion wave to accurately re-position the Atlas vertebra without pain or pressure.


Gentle Chiropractic Near Me


Dr. Keith Lavender trained extensively with Dr. Sweat and is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialist providing very precise and gentle care for patients of all ages for over 23 years.

At Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center, the doctors use state of the art adjusting instrument and precision X-ray analysis, when necessary, to adjust the Atlas.   We also incorporate other gentle adjusting methods such as the Activator, TRT, Webster technique and Advanced Muscle Integration Technique depending on each individual patient’s needs. Also available is BEMER vascular therapy, therapeutic massage, and Low Level Cold Laser.


Call for a free consultation and to learn more about gently restoring your health with this precise and effective chiropractic care, call 480-325-6977.

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