Gentle Relief with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

Could your backpack, briefcase, or purse be the cause of your headaches, migraines, or neck and shoulder pain?   Dr. Sweat, DC explains in this video what is happening. After learning of the delicate and most moveable bone of the spine, your C1 or Atlas vertebra, you will understand the importance of lighter weight backpack for kids and adults and all items you carry.

The first vertebra of the spine is C1 or the Atlas. The head should sit level on the atlas and the atlas should sit squarely on the cervical (neck) spine. The delicate upper neck, where the skull and atlas are located, is the most movable and least stable area of the entire spine.

An atlas misalignment can be precisely measured and adjusted using X-rays that are analyzed to determine the exact angles needed to balance the atlas. The different angles become the patient's individual "listings". This listing information is used to prepare the adjusting instrument for the patient and can be reproduced and the same listing information can be used with other Atlas Orthogonal Doctors around the world. 

Gentle Relief with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

The Atlas is like the top link in a chain, when twisted or turned, the rest of the links or spine have to follow. So when you carry items of much weight on one shoulder, chronic pain and health issues can follow.  Migraines, anxiety, neck, low or mid-back pain can all be caused by the C1 or Atlas misalignment and begin a spiraling effect of health issues.  For more information, call 480-325-6977 to schedule a free consultation with one of the Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical specialists at Foresight Chiropractic, the Valley’s premier Wellness Center serving patients of all ages with very precise and gentle care for over 21 years.  Call today and experience gentle restoration and optimization of your health. You don’t have to be sick to get well!


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