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It is never too early to get a spinal check up for your children. Give them the best opportunity to a healthy life at a Gilbert Chiropractic Family centered wellness clinic. The doctors at Foresight Chiroractic are board certified and provide gentle precise care for the entire family--newborns to 120 years young! Misalignment of the spine can begin at birth and accumulate over time leading to discomfortable and the body not being able to function optimally. Symptoms could include frequent colds or ear infections, sleep distrubances, bed wetting, colic, excessive spitting up, ADD, ADHD, asthma, constipation and stomach aches are a few examples. The central nervous system communicates with and controls and coordinates ALL other systems of the body and is protected by the skull and spine. Interference and stress to the nervous system decreases the body's ability to heal and self-regulate. Don't wait for a problem to occur. Bring your child in for a spinal check up today! Call for a free consultation at 480-325-6977 or attend one of our free community wellness workshops on Tuesday evenings at 6:15 p.m. Classes fill up quickly so call to reserve your space.

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