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Staying healthy requires—yes---it requires WORK.  True health is not just the absence of pain.  True health comes from diligently adhering to the principles of health.  True health is a wellness lifestyle.

Dr. Chris Zaino, Mr. American 1992, currently with USA Sports Council, shares his personal story. A few years after winning several national competitions, living what he thought was a healthy, natural lifestyle, he had what he thought was an intestinal “bug”, frequenting the bathroom often.  He began bleeding when he had bowel movements—this had him scared. After going from 235 lbs. to 179 lbs. and seeing many doctors, he was diagnosed with ulcerated colitis, an incurable disease he was told.  The top digestive doctors and medications didn’t help. They wanted to remove his colon and he would be sterile. 

One of his friends referred him to a corrective care and wellness doctor of chiropractic.  It was this chiropractor that treated the cause, a course that allowed his body to heal.  His delicate nervous system was being interfered with (subluxations- vertebras out of alignment), causing the organs of his body not to function properly. Once he understood and began applying chiropractic as a principle of health, his body began to heal and eventually fully recovered.  After seven months, he had gained 35 lbs. and he knew he was on the road to health. No surgeries, no drugs, regular chiropractic care, eating pure foods, exercising regularly, his body recovered. Dr. Zaino now has a Chiropractic practice in Texas, married with two children and speaks around the world on true wellness.

The principles of health are:

1. Regular Chiropractic Adjustments  

2. Eat Well  

3. Move Well 

 4. Think Well  

This is a call to action! At Gilbert Chiropractic Family, we will help you get to work on the most important asset you have-- your Health!  When health is gone, what would your life look like?  Most people have no idea or understanding until they experience their health  dwindling or worse-- gone.  

Take action now.   At Foresight, a Gilbert Chiropractic Family Center, we are dedicated to helping people improve and transform their lives and maximize their potential.  Call 480-325-6977 for a free consultation. The doctors at Foresight Gilbert Chiropractic Family Wellness Center are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist, a gentle, precise upper cervical technique, serving patients from 1 to 100.  

Contributed by Dr. William Jarman

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