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Just imagine that your car is having engine problems and you make the decision to have someone look at it. You have a very good friend that is knowledgeable in regard to cars, but he is not an expert.  So he opens up the hood and starts to twist and pull out wires and pulling out parts randomly. You wonder if that is going to make your car run any better.

If you did have car problems, you would feel more confident if you took your car to a mechanic who had been properly trained and had a track record of getting good results from his work, and the same idea would hold true when choosing a good chiropractor. A quality chiropractor will take a thorough history, do a nervous system exam, take x-rays when needed and analyze all information to determine what the core of the problem actually is rather than just treating the symptoms.  To see is to know, to not see is to guess.

Walking on or pushing on a person's back until you hear cracking and popping is a dangerous method of trying to relieve back or neck problems. The popping noise is typically the gas bubbles that is released and does not resolve the issue of subluxations or misalignment, and could cause more harm than good.

Chiropractic is the philosophy, science and art of finding and correcting interference to the nervous system. The central nervous system communicates with and controls and coordinates all other systems of the body and is protected by the skull and vertebral segments. Interference and stress to the nervous system decreases the body’s ability to heal and to repair itself.

An Atlas Orthogonal Doctor of Chiropractic has received post graduate advanced training to identify and correct atlas misalignment with a precise and very gentle adjustment. There is no popping or cracking of the neck.  Over 30% of the sensory information needed to balance the body comes from the joints and muscles of the head and neck.

Gilbert Chiropractic Gilbert AZ 85234

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