Gilbert Chiropractor offers Stress Test. Arizona 85234, 85233, 85295

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Gilbert Chiropractor offers Stress Test.


Being under stress for extended periods of time impairs our health and well-being.  Treating the symptoms that come as a result of extended stress is like using a towel to mop up the water flowing over the top of a bath tub while the faucet is still on full blast! 


“Chronic stress affects function at all levels and what is particularly worth noting as we wind our way through a review of this topic is that regardless of the level of the system under consideration, the basic theme is the same: chronic stress produces a set of adaptive responses and these responses, however necessary, can ultimately serve to impair our own health and well-being.” – Meaney, Michael PhD Stress and Disease: Who Gets Sick: Who Stays Well Cortext Educational Seminars Fall, 2001.


What this researcher is saying is that although our natural, in-born stress response is both healthy and appropriate, if we are kept in stress for extended periods of time, it will eventually lead to our demise as extended stress effects ALL systems of our body!


If you want to get healthy and improve your well-being, you have to start by decreasing the stresses you can control in your life.  Check out our Health Risk Assessment and see what stressors are lurking in your life that are keeping you from expressing all the health and well-being you deserve.


By Dr. Keith Lavender  480-325-6977

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