Gluten Free Options

    You may wonder “Should I go Gluten Free?”   Do you experience diarrhea, abdominal pain or nausea, achy joints, puffy eyes, difficulty losing weight?  Not sure – try avoiding gluten for 30 days and assess your results!

In 1950 a study using blood samples taken from Air Force recruits found a debilitating digestive disorder, intolerance to wheat gluten. Today it is 4X or more common than in the 50’s. The condition occurs in people whose bodies cannot digest gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  The undigested protein causes the immune system to attack the lining of the small intestines, frequently causing bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain or nausea.

For those with Celiac disease, avoiding gluten is essential. A thyroid disease called Hashimotos is another autoimmune disorder where avoiding gluten is very important.  For many other individuals who have a gluten sensitivity, this can lead to leaky gut symptoms and inflammatory issues throughout your body.

Here is a list of some great to gluten free options that can easily be incorporated into your diet and they taste great too that Dr. Axe talks about in this video:

Coconut flour.  It is high in fiber and healthy fats and perfect for a lower carb diet or if you want to lose weight or just a great all around healthy choice.  The healthy fats are easily used for energy and support a healthy metabolism and more stable blood sugar level. Coconut flour is lower glycemic load, it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels in the way white and wheat breads do. Basic Gluten-Free Flour. Try garbanzo bean flour, also known as chickpea flour along with sorghum flour and potato starch.  This is available in most grocery stores. Sprouted Flour.  Gluten-free spouted yellow-corn flour can be used to make homemade cornbread. Be sure to look for GMO free. Oat Flour.  Look for sprouted oat flour. Sprouted flour is easier to digest than the regular oat flour and delicious! Rice Flour. You can also find pastas made with rice flour that can be incorporated into your favorite pasta dish. Almond Flour.  A very nutritious flour packed with essential minerals and especially helpful for individuals with high “bad” cholesterol. This is great to coat chicken tenders in and fry in coconut oil.

For more information on choosing a healthier lifestyle and easy gluten free options you can adopt, call 480-325-6977 for a free consultation with one of our board certified Atlas Orthogonists at Foresight Chiropractic Wellness Center. When is the last time you had your or your families nervous system checked?  The brain and nervous system control every other system in the body. It is at the core of your health. You are also invited to attend one of our free community health classes.


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